What We Heard

Over dozens of events and after talking to thousands of people, several key themes emerged as priorities for the future of Pier 70. We call these our “Principles of Place.” These guiding themes have influenced the proposed uses, design and layout of the future project.  Below are some of the key principles that we heard:


Putting it Into Plan

This part of the waterfront will become an asset to the surrounding community by blending together a variety of uses: arts & creative spaces, housing across the spectrum of affordability, light-manufacturing, local retail, nine acres of waterfront parks. With a prescriptive set of design standards and guidelines, all future buildings will be carefully designed to prevent any new construction that may be incompatible or out of scale with the historic district. Beyond (or below) new building and neighborhood-focused uses, the site will have more than $150 Million in infrastructure improvements, including all new utilities, streets, geotechnical and seismic improvements. All towards a local, neighborhood-centric waterfront.