The Site Pier 70 is a 69-acre property owned by the Port of San Francisco and located in the City’s Central Waterfront at the foot of Potrero Hill and the Dogpatch neighborhood. Pier 70 is listed as the Union Iron Works Historic District on the National Register due to its more than 150 years of continuous operations in ship building and repair, the role it has played in the industrialization of the Western United States, two world wars as well as architectural and engineering feats. Today, Pier 70 includes ship repair facility, the future Crane Cove Park and the 20th Street Historic District. The district’s combination of shoreline, former industrial uses and impressive historic buildings recalls past shipbuilding, steel manufacturing, and maritime activities. Within the larger Pier 70 is the Waterfront Site — an approximately 28-acre portion of Pier 70 that sits between 20th and 22nd Streets, Illinois Street and the Bay.

The approach to revitalizing the Waterfront Site is unique and innovative. We believe that we are making place for the long term, and successful places are a combination of the physical spaces as well as the community, culture and activities that inhabit and enliven them. This philosophy informs every aspect of the site design and planning, as well as the best process to vet and test design ideas. In addition to the traditional public planning process, we have engaged with the community and potential partners to inform the design process and seed culture and community at the site.

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