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Pier 70 today is a mix of vacant land, deteriorating buildings, storage and staging areas that restrict public activity and waterfront access behind chain linked and barbed wire fences. 


Current Photos


Pier 70 was once a hub of industrial activity and an economic center of San Francisco. While ship repair does remain on a portion of Pier 70, the remainder is mostly used for storage or warehousing. But the majestic industrial buildings remain. This panorama offers a look at Pier 70 today, and a hint at the site’s exciting future potential.


When Forest City began work on the Pier 70 project, we started not with engineering or architecture, but with art. We commissioned local artist Wendy McNaughton to create a piece capturing the spirit of Dogpatch and Pier 70. The result – “The Pier 70 Community in its own Words” – is a focused study on what makes this neighborhood tick. It was the perfect way to begin to understand what makes this place so special, and how a future development might best weave into the existing neighborhood fabric.